Irish Community Care began in 1987.

Registered on the 18th November 2015 as a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee as Irish Community Care Manchester (ICCM) Company No: 9877345 and approved by the Charity Commission on 21st September 2016. 

ICCM has a passionate and committed Board of Trustees who are responsible for the charity’s purposes and plans, solvency, resilience and quality of governance and meets monthly. It is the decision making and policy-formulating body of the organisation. We have strengthened our board and have recruited board members from varied backgrounds with a diverse set of specialist skills e.g. legal, mental health, housing, education, HR, and politics.

In September 2016 ICCM commissioned a comprehensive needs assessment focussed on “The needs of the Irish in Manchester and ICCM’s

ability to respond to this.”  This was carried out by a specialist support agency with a detailed knowledge of similar charities and the needs of BAME communities.

The needs assessment highlighted areas of success, positive impact and recommendations to further develop our services. In response to this ICCM commissioned the CEO of Leeds Irish Health and Homes (a peer organisation) to develop the Strategic Business Plan based on the needs assessment to plan for the implementation of the findings. The Strategic Business Plan 2017-2020 made a number of recommendations and was agreed by the board. This plan guides our work for the future.

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