"Working Together to Build a Thriving and Resilient Irish and Wider Community,
Fully Engaged in Life within Manchester"



We know that every individual is important in their own right – and we treat them as such, with whole-hearted warmth, kindness and respect. 



We value and celebrate the unique blend of Irish cultural identity in Manchester, evolving and adapting to ever-changing environments.



We believe that everyone should feel a sense of safety, belonging and connection within their community, and we're here to support this.



Irish Community Care Manchester was established in 1987, by pioneering volunteers, to meet the needs of Irish and Irish Travellers settling in Manchester.

Many people who arrived and settled in Manchester had little or no support. They left their home in Ireland to find work in England. Very often the new arrivals had neither financial support nor the necessary information about services that could help them.

The demand for our support and services enabled the charity to grow over the years. We continue to provide a range of services gaining the confidence and trust of our community as well as the wider communities, our stakeholders and commissioners by respecting, listening and understanding people’s cultural, health and social needs without prejudice.

We moved to 289 Cheetham Hill Road, which was officially opened by Bertie Ahern in 1991. The renovation of the premises was made possible by a grant from Manchester City Council in 1989.

As we grew we became a beacon and a benchmark for other similar organisations across England to provide a culturally sensitive range of services to meet people’s needs.​ Whilst ICCM was initially established to meet the needs of the Irish community, we pride ourselves on being open to people from all communities.

Our initial financial support for Irish Community Care came from the Irish Government Dion Fund in 1985. This funding continued and increased as our many projects flourished.​ We are still funded by the Irish Government, Emigrant Support Programme, for which we are hugely grateful.

In recent years, like most other charities, we have been affected by public sector cuts and austerity measures. We are going through a period of important change. We are now a small but cherished charity.​ We have a current plan for our future and growth to continue provide excellent services for Irish and Irish Travellers.

As with all small charities we have substantial running costs including overheads and central administration.  We rely on Irish and wider community fund raising events.​ We also receive personal donations to continue our valuable work and we thank everyone wholeheartedly.


Funders & Supporters

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ICCM is a proud partner of Fréa – a philanthropic peer network dedicated to supporting the vulnerable Irish in Britain.