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Our lunchtime groups bring people together to have fun, help reduce social isolation and loneliness, while promoting health and wellbeing through exercise, dance and community involvement. The groups are free of charge to attendees, who are provided with a light lunch, live entertainment, bingo and a raffle. The groups are popular with between 30 – 120 attending each one in the three locations they take place across the city.


For many people these groups maintain community involvement and opportunities to meet friends or make new ones in a warm safe friendly environment. There is also an opportunity to receive advice and information service if needed, by a trained member of ICCM staff.

"I love the Lunch groups. They’re very friendly, I get to meet friends get out the house away from the husband for a few hours! Lock down was terrible, I found it quite difficult stuck in all the time and not being able to get out, so the lunch groups have been helpful, just great to get out and see everyone again.

The volunteers and staff are brilliant and I love the music and the raffle .It gives me a chance to meet new people and get to know them. I started off taking my mum the Irish centre and then i got to know the people and I pick a couple up on the way. I enjoyed it so much I carried on coming myself." - Attendee North Manchester Social Lunch Club

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Mondays  12.00 - 14.30          St.Kentigern’s, 36 Wilbraham Rd, M14 7DW

Tuesdays 12.00 - 14.30          St. Mary’s, Elbow St, M19 3PY

Wednesdays 12.00 - 14.30    Irish World Heritage Centre, 1 Irish Town Way, Cheetham Hill,                                                        Manchester M8 0AE

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