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Our Advocacy and Support programme offers person centred, one to one support based on individual health and social care needs. Our Advocacy and Support Officers create a holistic package of care by working with other agencies, public services and local community support. This support focusses on whatever challenges or obstacles the individuals we support experience with the hope that after a 12 week period they feel confident in the systems and services we have put into place and can continue to live independently. Irish Community Care Manchester can assist in a number of ways such as acting as an advocate when dealing with health or social care agencies, providing weekly one to one support sessions, assisting with mobility issues, listening to concerns and trying to overcome problems together where we can.


We are always looking for Advocacy and Support Volunteers to help our Services Users


How we have helped people in their words.


If you are an organisation or know someone you think could benefit from our services you can download a referral form and refer them to our services. 


For more information about our Advocacy and Support Service you can email us

ICCM are hoping to reach those in the community who do not currently access our service or are unaware of the service we provide. The advocacy and support service supports individuals facing a range of issues such as homelessness, substance misuse, mental health issues and those who are experiencing social isolation.

If you have any clients that would benefit from our service and would like to be referred for support, please fill in the  referral form below and send, along with a copy of ID and risk assessment if applicable, to

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