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Volunteers are integral to our service, and as such we recognise the importance of supporting them as a part of the community we serve, and the community we wish to grow. 

In this section you can find information on volunteering at ICCM. If you feel like you could contribute to our community, or have any questions about the services we provide, or ideas on how to build our community we encourage you to contact us. 

"Volunteering gives me  a purpose, it gets me up in the morning. It feels good to be apart of something. During the lockdown I found it quite hard, and now the groups are back it feels a lot better to be apart of the community.

Where there’s been support, well it’s been good. There couldn’t be anymore done. I know what my role is, I’ve been doing it long enough, if I didn’t I’d be giving up! Everything is taken into consideration – we’re given all the back up we need.

It’s very important for people to have some place to go. Especially now. Its trying to build our community again particularly after the pandemic. I’m looking forward to the club getting back to full strength."

– A Volunteer at St. Mary’s Social Lunch Group.

Image by Jack Finnigan
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