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Role Purpose:

To provide assistance to Irish Community Care Manchester (ICCM) in delivering support to service users in order to reduce their social isolation and help them build an appropriate social network. Befriending is a means of reducing the social isolation that those who are vulnerable often face.


Role Activities:

In your role, you will:

  • Support service users for a period of time based on a mutual agreement between yourself and the service user.

  • Take into consideration the services users needs and capabilities when arranging times and locations.

  • Provide information and assistance to service users to enable them to make choices about the development of their social network and participation in their local community

  • Help service users rediscover social skills and confidence by building up and maintaining a close relationship

  • Provide company and friendship, assist with shopping, go for a walk, and share activities of common interest – anything which makes life more enjoyable

  • Liaise regularly with the staff at ICCM in order to update them on progress and support needed.

  • Follow the guidelines set out by the Irish Community Care Manchester Volunteer Agreement.

  • Read and adhere to the Lone Working Policy and Safeguarding Policy.

  • Be comfortable volunteering in a lone working capacity.


Role Benefits:

In your role, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop new  interpersonal skills such as active listening and supportive behaviour.

  • Meet new people from a variety of backgrounds.

  • Get a reference detailing your achievements while in the role.

  • A DBS check.

  • Make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable people.



Support & Training:

To help you in your role we will provide training & support, including:

  • Training and induction in order to ensure you are comfortable in your role.

  • Support from staff at Irish Community Care Manchester.

  • Support from fellow volunteers.

  • Out of pockets expenses and travel paid for.


We welcome all applications for the role of Befriender, and actively encourage volunteers from a range of backgrounds to get in touch.


If you would like more information about our Befriender Roles please contact:

Rachel Stout, Team Leader: or

Francis Duncan, Community Engagement Lead (Interim):

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