Image by Ross Parmly



From Monday 19th July travel restrictions from Britain to Ireland are changing. But there are some caveats to travelling between the two countries that people should be aware of prior to travelling.


  • Passenger Locator forms; Anyone travelling between Britain and Ireland needs to complete a Passenger Locator form which will be checked at the port or airport before travel.

  • Each Adult travelling needs to complete a form (which can be done on online or paper form) with details of under 16’s included on the form.

  • If traveling to Northern Ireland you do not need to fill in a Passenger Locator Form, unless you are travelling to the Republic.

  • Online Passenger locator form is available here


Please note that there are online firms charging people to complete passenger locator forms. There is no need to pay for these. If you are having any difficulty with completing a Passenger locator form and need any help please get in contact with Irish Community Care, Manchester who can help with this.


  • Arrival; First section applies ONLY to fully vaccinated passengers. Fully vaccinated passengers do not need a PCR or to quarantine on arrival.

  • You will need to show a Covid pass (through the NHS covid app, through the NHS covid pass service or by requesting a letter from the NHS) you can also show you Covid vaccination paper card that you will have received on getting vaccinations.

  • People not fully vaccinated or Children over 12 years old; People who are still not fully vaccinated and children over 12 years old need to produce a clear PCR test within 72 hours of travelling.

  • These tests are completed by private companies and NHS PCR’s are not valid for travel. 

  • A list of private test providers can be found here

  • People not fully vaccinated will still need to isolate for up to days on arrival. However they can end this quarantine period by getting a clear PCR test from day 5 onwards.

  • Children of people who are fully vaccinated do not need to quarantine  on arrival, however children of people who are not fully vaccinated will need to follow the quarantine rules.

  • These rules apply to people traveling to the Republic through even if your arrival point is in Northern Ireland.